Passenger detained after causing disturbance on flight

In this photo provided by Donna Basden, a man is escorted off an American Airlines flight after it landed in Honolulu, Friday, May 19, 2017. Passengers said those who stepped in to help duct taped Uskanil to his seat, and Hawaii News Now reports that he was taken into custody once the plane landed with plans for a medical evaluation before authorities transferred him to the Honolulu federal detention center.

After the plane landed in Honolulu, a passenger took video of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents leading Uskanil, a Turkish national, off in handcuffs.

Officials identified the detained passenger as Anil Uskanil, a 25-year-old Turkish national, according to NBC News. Mark Basden then handed him the laptop explaining that it was in his seat. A flight attendant said the computer probably belonged to a man had left it there and gone to the bathroom, according to Basden.

Donna Basden remaked that the man "clearly looked out of place".

The Basdens say everything was fine until midway through the flight.

Although police are still trying to determine a motive for the cause, the man reportedly headed into the first class cabin with a blanket over his head in what flight crew believed was meant to be a breach of the cockpit door. When flight attendants stopped him, he kicked a service cart.

Before he boarded the flight to Hawaii, Uskanli was also arrested at Los Angeles International airport for opening a door that led onto an airfield ramp, according to Los Angeles Airport police.

She says he was clutching that laptop as he charged up the aisle during that flight. As he did not appear to meet the criteria for public drunkenness, police let him go with a citation for misdemeanor trespassing, Pedregon said. Flight 31 was due to land in Honolulu at noon local time. Later in the flight, Uskanil, wearing a towel of blanket over his head and carrying the laptop, tried to get back into first class, but a flight attendant blocked his way with a serving cart.

Lee and Penny Lorenzen of Orange County, California, were sitting in first class and saw a odd look on the flight attendant's face.

As the Washington Post reports, a flight attendant saw him coming and said "You're not coming in here". "He was pushing against the cart and a bunch of guys grabbed him". He spent the rest of the flight restrained in a seat with duct tape. FBI special agent Paul Delacourt said Uskanil could face federal charges for interference with a flight crew, according to CNN. They escorted the commercial plane to ground.

The suspect was met by authorities when the Airbus 321 landed in Honolulu.

And things escalated once Uskanil boarded American Airlines Flight 31.

Laptops have already been banned on a handful of global flights, and are expected to be outlawed on far more.

No other information about the disturbance was immediately available.