North Korea fires off apparent ballistic missile — South Korea military

Fox News reported the us military acknowledged North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile from a location near Wonsan that landed in the Sea of Japan.

South Korea's military confirmed the report, saying "North Korea launched an unidentified projectile from a site in the vicinity of Wonsan in Gangwon Province at dawn today".

"We conduct increasingly complex test scenarios as the programme matures and advances", Mr Johnson said.

Top North Korean officials have repeatedly said the country was ready for nuclear attacks in the event of United States military aggression. The missile type uses a solid fuel engine and North Korean authorities announced it would be mass produced and deployed following its launch last weekend.

"The flight range is about 450km (280 miles)", the statement said, adding that South Korean and United States experts were analysing the event for further detail.

South Korea's new president, Moon Jae-In, ordered a meeting of the national security council to assess the launch, the defence ministry said.

Besides its regular ballistic missile test-launches, the North carried out two nuclear tests previous year - in January and September.

In Washington, a National Security Council spokesman said Trump had been briefed on the launch.

U.S. authorities tracked the six-minute flight of what was believed to be a North Korean short-range ballistic missile until it crashed into the Sea of Japan, the U.S. Pacific Command said on Sunday.

"The missile, which was sacked from the eastern coast of North Korea, has fallen in the exclusive economic zone of Japan". Pyongyang has threatened to develop missiles that could reach as far as the USA mainland.

Reports of the new test come amid heightened tensions in the Korean peninsula and following global condemnation of several banned ballistic missile tests carried out so far this year.

The isolated regime has been stepping up efforts to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile that can deliver a nuclear warhead to the continental United States.

The launch comes in fresh defiance of tough talk from US President Donald Trump, who promised Friday that the "big problem" of North Korea "will be solved". That launch demonstrated that the missile could probably travel a similar distance horizontally. The agency added that North Korea fired a suspected Scud-type ballistic missile that flew about 450 kilometers (280 miles).

"We always assume that, with a testing program, they get better with each test", Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said in an appearance on CBS' "Face the Nation".