Le Pen tells AP she 'changed everything'

In the last day of campaigning before Sunday's presidential vote, the two candidates offered a starkly different future for France.

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron released a video from Obama this morning with the former president touting his candidacy.

If elected, Le Pen says she wants an "automatic" expulsion of all illegal immigrants from France and has vowed to cut legal immigration to no more than 10,000 people a year.

"I'm not going to lament our democracy", he said.

"We moved everything, we have changed everything already". He admitted that even his preferred candidate is yet to be told.

He said Friday he had chosen as his prime minister someone with enough political experience to help bring together a legislative majority but refused to name his choice.

The pro-business Macron, who topped all vote-getters in the first-round but is widely disliked, also has been booed and heckled frequently as he visited blue-collar workers.

Le Pen and Macron have positioned themselves as - rather than truly are - "outsiders", "anti-system" candidates, an "alternative" to the "same old" alternation of right and left in the last decades.

Macron is an unabashed progressive who embraces globalization and championed startups and Uber-like vehicle services as France's economy minister - angering taxi drivers and other workers who feel left behind.

Perhaps more encouragingly for Le Pen, 24.5 percent of respondents said they planned to abstain from voting. "We must re-weave the links among people".

The viciousness of Le Pen's tone and multiple unfounded allegations against Macron shocked many in France.

French far-right candidate for the presidential elections Marine Le Pen poses after an interview with the Associated Press, Friday, May 5, 2017 in Paris.

This comes after President Donald Trump had earlier spoken positively about the right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen of the National Front party.

"But we are talking about an election that is a good 10 months or so away and also even if 5-Star is the biggest party, they'll still be in coalition, and they appear to have been moderating their stance with regard to European Union membership".

"Clearly, nationalist politics may well have implications for global students coming to France", said Tim Gore, CEO of the University of London Institute in Paris. We did a lot, even by standing alone against everyone else. Polls suggest Macron is well ahead.

Emmanuel Macron countered that she was exploiting anger and insecurity - not reflecting it.

The mayor's office said they preferred to keep the grass intact for an upcoming visit of Olympic Committee members (remember Paris aims to hold the Games in 2024). The case concerns accusations that Le Pen and others in her National Front party used EU-paid parliamentary aides for party activity. Le Pen's team, however, downplays apocalyptic scenarios, arguing that the euro, now used by 19 countries, is headed for a breakup eventually anyway. But several friends, besides their dubious pasts, are at the center of an alleged party financing scheme.

Le Pen repeated the rumours in the TV debate. "There is no one in my entourage about whom one can reproach anything".