Katy Perry will judge the reboot of 'American Idol' on ABC

  • Katy Perry will judge the reboot of 'American Idol' on ABC

Katy Perry will judge the reboot of 'American Idol' on ABC

Fantasia Barrino's performance of "Summertime" is such an iconic moment in "Idol's" 15-season run that the show brought the Season 3 victor back to perform the Ella Fitzgerald song on its farewell season.

After jogging her memory, Perry added that Ellen gave her wedding gifts on the show a few years ago. Her voice is sturdy, but hardly distinctive, her lyrics are vague and cliche-ridden, her style (sonic and sartorial, alike) changes frequently and with the times.

Perry also explaines her shocking new hairdo - a blond buzzcut that she first unveiled in April.

Perry appeared on Ellen earlier today (May 16) and took part in a segment called 'Will You Perry Me?'. "Can't I have them both at the same time?" she asked when forced to decide between Hiddleston and Prince Harry. "For me, that makes it feel like the flawless home at the ideal time". "No, it's just like a nozzle that you can like...put around you", said Katy.

Perry also turned to Twitter to invite fans to partake in what she's calling a "challenge" based on her new single, reported Spin. "You know those little contraptions where you then get to urinate standing up?" she said.

Katy also revealed why she made a decision to get a super-short pixie cut. The song allegedly was penned about Perry.

"I built up Katy Perry and she was so fun".

Brand continued: "Katy was obviously very, very occupied and very busy. I can see how lovely you are'". "Anyone. Anyone. Anyone. Anyone". Three superstars like Perry on one panel could bring ratings, but it'd also shatter the bank in two. As the audience laughed, she dropped the subject.