James Comey's Farewell Letter To His FBI Colleagues, Annotated

The first photos of Trump's gathering with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to be made public came from the Russian government, not the White House. Two days after his inauguration, Trump hugged Comey and affectionately said, "He's become more famous than me". And it said he shouldn't have announced, less than two weeks before Election Day, that the FBI was reopening the investigation - a development that was cheered by candidate Trump. "We'd love for that to be completed so that we can all move on".

"We know that there are subpoenas being requested in the Eastern District of Virginia, and that this investigation has been going on", Feinstein told reporters.

According to this former adviser, Comey's Senate testimony on the Clinton emails likely reinforced in Trump's mind that "Comey was against him".

Eleven days before the election, Trump publicly praised Comey for his decision to further review Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server.

The interim chief would serve until Congress confirms a permanent director, which could take some time given bipartisan angst over Comey's firing. Attorney General Elliot Richardson and his deputy both refused to proceed with the firing, ultimately resigning over the issue.

McCabe met with Justice officials on Tuesday.

In a heated press conference, the White House's press representative said the administration saw no need for a prosecutor.

Meanwhile, Republican Congressman Rod Blum didn't specifically talk about Comey at his town hall Wednesday night, but he did address it last night, saying he supported Trump's decision.

The Senate's minority leader, Democrat Chuck Schumer, said Rosenstein should appoint a special prosecutor, and he also called on McConnell to hold closed and potentially classified briefings with all USA senators to question the top Justice Department officials, Sessions and Rosenstein. Bob Casey, D-Pa., declared on Twitter on Tuesday, calling for a "special prosecutor to continue the Trump/Russia investigation".

"Regardless of how you think Director Comey handled the unprecedented complexities of the 2016 election cycle, the timing of this firing is very troubling", said Republican Sen. Usually at the Federal Bureau of Investigation if you are firing someone you give them a hearing, you talk to them - none of that happened.

White House officials are scrambling to justify the timing of Comey's termination, insisting that he lost his job because of his conduct in the probe into Hillary Clinton's emails a year ago. Here are the pivotal moments in Comey's time as head of the agency. The New York Times on Wednesday cited administration officials as confirming that the White House and Justice "had been working on building a case against Mr. Comey since at least last week", and that "Mr. Sessions had been charged with coming up with reasons to fire him".

We can't rely on the Justice Department for that, given that its leadership is complicit in Comey's firing.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Trump didn't mention Kislyak, and neither did the White House statement. Aides scrambled to rush out a statement on Comey's firing. The White House informed Comey by sending him an email with several documents, including Rosenstein's memo. They will beat this drum every day from here on out, and I expect a hunger strike to break out at any moment. If they don't get that, the rest of us - liberal, conservative, American - must make unceasing noise and apply unstinting pressure until the party that launched eight investigations of Benghazi decides to treat this at least as seriously.