Isaiah Thomas: It's "a joke" Draymond Green calls anyone dirty

If the Wizards hadn't blown big leads in the first two games (they scored the first 16 points in Game 1 and had a 13-point first-quarter lead in Game 2), they'd likely be up in the series rather than tied 2-2.

The Wizards hope that history changes. That's just the beginning of the laundry list of disturbing trends belonging to the Celtics.

He's since progressed from Kevin Garnett's triumphant "Anything's possible" declaration in '08, to believing in the possibilities of the present with a corps of young talent that's two wins away from returning the franchise to the conference finals for the first time since 2012. Because the odds are not in a team's favor for closing out Game 7's on the road. Thanks to 34 points off turnovers, the series is even with the Cleveland Cavaliers waiting in the Eastern Conference final.

After missing the playoffs last season, then undergoing surgeries on both knees, Wall has been on a mission to prove his doubters wrong, and the result was his best season yet.

Thomas has a four-piece temporary bridge that cracked when he was re-injured and replaced at halftime of Game 3. I'm sure there's some stuff that led up to that. We locked in. Our teammates understood what we had (to do).

"As we watched it - we just had a film session with our group - we'll have a couple of different ways that we'll look at countering that", said Stevens.

The Oubre-Olynyk incident is just the latest in a series of run-ins these two teams have experienced dating back to the regular season.

It's not breaking news but if the Wizards slow down Thomas, that gives them a great chance to win the game. I feel like it had kind of been building up between the two teams.

Forward Markieff Morris didn't even consider Washington's Game 3 win against the Boston Celtics on Thursday night terribly physical despite eight technical fouls and three ejections.

"Ah, that's nothing, man". "He's dirty. Dirty player, man". Like come on man, it's playoff basketball, things are gonna get-did he really do something to harm somebody?

It is time for Boston to bring it all together and prove that they, as a team, can play a brand of winning playoff basketball without succumbing to any more massive scoring runs.

They couldn't rally in D.C.

After protecting home court in Games 3 and 4, the Wizards will head to Boston for Game 5 on Wednesday.

Oubre, who was ejected from Game 3 for shoving Olynyk, was suspended for Sunday's Game 4 in Washington.

VanDeWeghe, a two-time all-star as a player and an executive with several teams before transitioning to the league office, serves as the league's disciplinarian in situations such as the one involving Oubre and Olynyk.

"We just have to do a better job of closing out quarters", Wall said postgame on Sunday. You have to credit them. He has it now, in what without question is the most important game this franchise has played since the 1970s, on his biggest stage yet. "We have to do a better job of utilizing spacing to take some of their length out of play". Go up by 50, if we can.

Wizards' coach Scott Brooks was able to force Thomas to defend in Game 4 instead of letting him hide in the corner.

Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas stood up for teammate Kelly Olynyk?on Tuesday, saying it was a "joke" that Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green suggested the Celtics' center is a dirty player.

"He's dirty. Dirty player man".