Iran's Rouhani Criticizes Trump, Recent Saudi Summit

  • Iran's Rouhani Criticizes Trump, Recent Saudi Summit

Iran's Rouhani Criticizes Trump, Recent Saudi Summit

And while Trump's first National Security Advisor Mike Flynn may have departed the administration, the Riyadh speech appears to echo numerous ideas expressed in Flynn book, in particular conflating Iran with Isis and al-Qaida. The Iranian president criticized Trump's decision to visit Saudi Arabia, noting that the kingdom "has never seen a ballot box" while Iran just had another successful presidential election in which over 40 million people voted.

Trump's first stop was a meeting in Jerusalem with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

Netanyahu called Trump "a true friend" to Israel and expressed optimism about the president's role in the Middle East peace process. The White House struggled to answer the question.

Mr Trump said shared concern about Iran was driving Israel and many Arab states closer and demanded that Tehran immediately cease military and financial backing of "terrorists and militias". This would sit perfectly well with America's key ally Israel, Mr Trump's next stop.

President Donald Trump implored Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries to extinguish "Islamic extremism" emanating from the region, describing a "battle between good and evil" rather than a clash between the West and Islam. On Monday, he was greeted with lavish praise from Netanyahu.

If President Donald Trump concludes his first worldwide trip by saying he made history "even while sitting on a plane", no one can say he's wrong.

President Trump landed in Tel Aviv, Israel, on May 22, as part of his first worldwide trip as president.

Palestinians, who viewed Trump's victory with some trepidation, are said to have been pleasantly surprised by Trump's openness during a recent meeting with Abbas in Washington. On Tuesday morning, Trump met with Abbas in Bethlehem, traveling across the barrier surrounding much of the biblical city.

In the West Bank, hundreds of demonstrators supporting a hunger strike by Palestinian security prisoners in Israel, holding signs showing Mr Trump's face and a "Do Not Enter" symbol, clashed with Israeli forces.

The Telegraph and USA Today both highlighted that neither Melania nor her daughter Ivanka had worn a headscarf during their visit to Saudi Arabia.

The White House said Trump was being updated on the attacks in Manchester, England, by his national security team.

"Many people are saying it was wonderful that Mrs Obama refused to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia, but they were insulted". The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the Monday blast, which also left 59 people wounded, though a top American intelligence official said the claim could not be verified.

Trump declared that he would not call the attackers "monsters", a term he believes they would prefer, instead choosing "losers", a longtime favorite Trump insult and one he has directed at comedian Rosie O'Donnell, Cher and others.

Trump's visit Monday was laden with religious symbolism.

Trump also toured the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which by Christian tradition is where Jesus was crucified and the location of his tomb. The US has never recognized Israeli sovereignty over parts of the Old City seized in the 1967 war. The White House-driven effort is a sharp shift from the practice of USA previous administrations that typically gave secretaries of state those reins.

But the mammoth deal is likely to further embolden Saudi Arabia in its devastating war in Yemen, analysts say, even as it retools a strategic alliance that places the United States squarely on the side of Saudi Arabia in its sectarian and regional rivalry with Iran.

Thankfully, Trump's cabinet appointees - and the president himself - have since shied away from unilaterally ending the nuclear deal.