House Passes AHCA, Wary GOP Moderates Look To Senate

Kellyanne Conway says that Democrats are in full meltdown mode after the Republican health care bill passed the House.

The final vote for the health care bill was 217-213, a slim win for the Republican leaders, who faced huge challenges in getting the bill for consideration in the House floor.

The Obamacare repeal, one of Trump's key campaign promises, would usher in sweeping changes to the USA health care system in the coming years. He repeated his conviction that Obamacare is "failing" and "essentially dead".

Ryan and some other House Republicans joined Trump in the Rose Garden for a photo-op to celebrate the bill's passage.

So begins the death watch for the House health bill and Obamacare, and possibly the Republican majorities in the both houses of Congress. We still have a lot of work to do to get this signed into law.

"And I think, most importantly, yes, premiums will be coming down".

"I wouldn't say - yes", he told CNN's Alisyn Camerota Friday on "New Day".

Costa: "The House of Representatives took a big step today toward abolishing the failing Obamacare program and replacing it with a system that provides much better care at lower prices". Lamar Alexander (R-TN), who as chairman of a key Senate committee will be a lead player in forging a Senate health care bill.

Hailing the result, Vice President Mike Pence said the outcome was "the beginning of the end of Obamacare". In fact, Senate Republicans are reportedly not even planning to vote on the bill, instead opting to write their own legislation.

The American Health Care Act was passed before being assessed by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), which will estimate its cost and its effect on insurance rolls.

"Right now Obamacare is failing", Trump said.

Gingrich said he believes the Senate, now that it has the healthcare reform bill, will make additions that will make it somewhat different, but he's not sure what that will involve.

This is repealed under the new draft bill, but those without health insurance for more than 63 days pay a 30% surcharge on their insurance premiums for a year. At the top of the list: Less coverage, higher costs and overall confusion about what's in the bill. No Democrats backed the bill, and a slew of Republicans opposed it as well. Vice President, acting as the Senate Speaker, would cast a vote in the event of a tie.

Here's a look the most grim assessments of the amended American Health Care Act, or "Trumpcare".

That analysis also predicted that the House bill would cut the federal deficit by $337 billion over those same 10 years. Including the additional money, a total of $138 billion will be funded for the high-risk pools over the next decade.

It also repeals most of Obamacare's taxes, including those on branded drugs, medical devices, wealthy individuals, and health insurers.

Meanwhile, the bill would allow elder or sick Americans to be charged more.