'Final Fantasy 8 Remake' Planned; Square Enix Done With Remasters?

  • 'Final Fantasy 8 Remake' Planned; Square Enix Done With Remasters?

'Final Fantasy 8 Remake' Planned; Square Enix Done With Remasters?

DualShockers happened upon a job listing on the recruitment site ECareerFA from an anonymous Japanese company looking for a 2D Artist to create assets for a "Super-Famous RPG Series".

"Final Fantasy 7 Remake" is yet to make it out of the production floor, but Square Enix already sets its sight on recreating another installment from one of its most popular franchise.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age was originally released on PlayStation 2 back in 2006, and was a pretty revolutionary entry in the series introducing open world zones, and a revamped battle system.

The ad also says that the artist will have to create the main image of "a certain RPG's numbered title" as well as concept work for various RPG staples like towns, fields, dungeons, furniture, emblems, vehicles, weapons, items and map icons. I mean Square Enix trolled fans at a previous PlayStation Experience keynote when they teased everyone with a FF7 remake before they Omnislashed our hearts and revealed it to be just a PS4 port of the classic steampunk JRPG.

Things fall together even more seamlessly, and seem to further indicate that the job posting is for Final Fantasy 16, when considering the description of the company's headquarters location. With Final Fantasy XII's remaster coming out soon, the game's director, Takashi Katano, talked with IBTimes about future remake/remaster plans for the series. "I've personally been working at Square Enix for 20 years now and I've got a lot of memories from that time". With that said, the chances of Final Fantasy 8 getting a remake are higher. Though the company reworks older Final Fantasy titles on other platforms with improved graphics, an entire remake is actually a more preferred option than a remaster.

Will Square Enix Remake Final Fantasy 9 As Well? The Final Fantasy VII Remake, for example, retains the story of the 1997 title for the PlayStation 1 but modernizes nearly everything else, as can be seen in two screenshots that were revealed in February.