British Airways cancels most flights from London

  • British Airways cancels most flights from London

British Airways cancels most flights from London

The pilot said passengers on planes that have landed at Heathrow were unable to get off because there was nowhere to park.

British Airways canceled all flights from Heathrow and Gatwick airports in London on Saturday due to a worldwide computer outage that struck at the start of a busy holiday weekend.

British Airways said there was no evidence the problem had been caused by a cyber attack.

"Please do not come to the airports", the airline said in a statement. Earlier this month, the British Airways website was offline for many hours, while its new check-in and flight management systems have also suffered major outages.

The problem comes on a holiday weekend, when thousands of Britons are traveling.

"It's a complete nightmare". "They printed out a piece of paper with what our "refund" is entitled to, but hundreds of people are stranded and missing connections to get home and to family obligations".

"Now we are sitting in the departure area outside the gate". "Border control aren't going to be able to deal with all these people".

British Airways is the latest airline to be hit by computer problems.

"We at British Airways apologise for the global system outage and we are working to resolve the problem".

Heathrow has advised passengers to check the status of their flights before travelling to the airport. In August 2016, Delta planes around the world were grounded when an electrical component failed and led to a shutdown of the transformer that provides power to the airline's data center.

One passenger, David Raine, tweeted: "Still on the tarmac at Leeds".

BA staff in Heathrow's Terminal 5 were resorting to using white boards, according to passenger Gareth Wharton. Another, journalist Martyn Kent, wrote: "Sat on plane at Heathrow for hour and a half now".

They continued: "The terminals at Heathrow and Gatwick have become extremely congested and we have cancelled all flights from Heathrow and Gatwick before 6pm United Kingdom time today, so please do not come to the airports".