500M Windows 10 devices, half of 2018 goal

MICROSOFT HAS PREVIOUSLY used bribes to get people using its homegrown Edge browser, but it looks like the firm has a new tactic: ban Chrome and Firefox from Windows 10 S. It can only run apps available on the Windows Store, thus the Redmond giant is urging developers to port their Win32 software's over to the same.

What time does the keynote start?

Windows 10 is now running on a half-billion devices almost two years after its release, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella disclosed Wednesday during the software maker's annual conference for applications programmers. Microsoft's Office 365 suite has also reached a milestone: more than 100 million monthly commercial active users.

In the United Kingdom, you'll be able to tune in from 4pm on May 10. However, this is not enough as the great applications, applications of day to day life that are essential for users have not yet migrated to this new format and apparently have no plans to do so anytime soon.

You can livestream Microsoft's entire conference from the Build 2017 site. Here all the major updates Microsoft announced at Build 2017. 1507 is the original build of Windows 10 whose support is being dropped.

As with other Windows 10 updates, this will be free for existing Windows 10 users.

Microsoft is making it clear that you won't see a big change all it once. "Windows 10 is now the most used version of Windows on the planet".

To date, this process has typically involved using Android virtual machines and, for iOS, a remote connection to a separate Mac that needs Xcode, Apple's development environment, installed and properly configured.

Microsoft is targeting a September release for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, but that is not a hard date. Belfiore showed new copy and paste features in Microsoft Word while also striking through lines to delete them.

This new feature is called OneDrive Files On-Demand. In other words, Microsoft may have been able to encourage Apple to retrofit iTunes for Windows to the Windows Store by showing them how easy it would be.

In an effort to trump rivals, Microsoft announced it has signed partnerships with HP and Intel to bring more Cortana-powered devices to market. Microsoft will nearly certainly talk about the Invoke speaker at Build, and could even reveal future plans for Cortana on third-party devices. Microsoft likely got all that out of the way with its education event earlier this month. It would mean a lot to us.

If you're anything like me, you have browser windows full of tabs open in the background - and eating up memory - because you need them for another project you're working on. Its Surface tablet has done better, but even that product has hit rough patches. Getting halfway has taken almost two years. Instead, the controller tracks movement using sensors in the device and in a headset paired with it.

Build is Microsoft's annual developer conference. "You can also create mixed reality by adding 3D objects to your photos and videos to tell stories in a whole new way, or turn your photos and videos into your canvas, drawing on them with Windows Ink".