West Hartford Easter Egg hunt teaches spiritual lesson along with the fun

Over at Oak Hammock Marsh, they are holding an Easter egg hunt that involves using GPS systems to track down the eggs in the marsh.

Among the throng who raced out onto the field in search of were nine-year-olds Kelsey Ellacott and Hope Lenardon, who said the hunt has always been a tradition in their families.

The event was in the open field adjacent to the Destiny World Outreach Center's sanctuary on W.S. Young Drive in Killeen.

Every Warrior Plays, Huber Heights, Warrior Soccer Club and Engage City Church are holding an "Egg the City" egg hunt at 10 a.m. Saturday.

The event began with a breakfast catered by Fatty's Catering Group of DeKalb and photos with the Easter Bunny in the Hopkins Park Terrace Room, and continued with the annual Easter Egg Hunt on the park grounds.

Even with the expected rush of children, however, no one was hurt and everyone left with a tasty treat, CTV reported.

"I just love watching all that", Laird said about the kids looking for Easter eggs.

Lynch added, "Started out, we probably had maybe 30-40 people the first time, and previous year I think we had over 100 so we're looking today to maybe 100 kids come back again, especially since it is such a pretty day".

There was one field for children 1 to 4 years old to hunt in and another for ages 5 to 12. "Eggies!" Luka said, shovelling plastic eggs into a bucket with all his energy.

"It's fun, she's having fun".

Sergio Granillo, 8, attended his first-ever community Easter Egg Hunt.

"I like it that they separated by age (group)".

"I remember coloring eggs when I was a kid", said Sean Mulvey, a retired rancher in Dickinson who now enjoys watching his grandchildren enjoy the thrill. "So it's fun and she gets to be a part of that".

This year's Easter-themed festivities was the first time in two years, Samuel said, following reports that parents were seen jumping over children. Church members are out at 7 a.m. setting up the hunt.