Vinyl music gives record stores a boost in a digital world

  • Vinyl music gives record stores a boost in a digital world

Vinyl music gives record stores a boost in a digital world

In 2013, co-Founder Michael Kurtz was made a Chevalier of the Ordre Des Arts et Des Letters in France, honoring Record Store Day's contribution to the cultural and artistic life of the French people.

"There's nothing wrong with having quiet time and hanging out", he said. He planned to release a list of what he'll have on hand Friday on the store's Facebook and Instagram pages as well as on Twitter.

Just one up the street is WFPK DJ Matt Anthony's Record Shop, and they're planning an all-day bash as well from noon-7 p.m. Festivities include music by DJs JP Source, Kim Sorise, DJDS, John Penn Browning and Woodrow on the Radio.

The new stores aren't always conventional. People go to record stores to see free live music and end up making purchases, or they go to buy something and listen to bands they might not have otherwise heard. In Denver, both Indie and Twist get somebody good. "If you're into music at all, you should be in here".

In 10 years of operating a record store, what have you learned about music retail and the industry in general?

The day is also a social event says Paul Mills, owner of Soundclash: "Every year it's an incredible day, there's a great atmosphere that develops in the queue - friendships are forged and loads of really special records are taken home by very happy music lovers".

But Record Store Day stuff will just get pushed through.

"A lot of people keep an eye on our website and a lot only last a day or two". Anything that succeeds gets destroyed by the Big Business Monkey anyway unless you exclude it from the start, so if Record Store Day is to die, let the new thing exclude them and be even better.

There will also be a raffle, and some spot prize giveaways.

Notartomaso urged music fans to "come out and hang out in the record store for a while". While Record Store Day has a way of getting reissue heavy, this a stellar example of a release trying to give something new to the world - a sentiment that's an easy one to get behind.

"The limited availability is why previous year we had over 60 customers waiting for us to open at 8am, some diehard fans had been there since 3am". The day features an "ambassador" every year, with 2017's being experimental indie songster St. Vincent.

Drive-By Truckers, "Electric Lady Session" - The fantastic alt-country band is releasing seven live tracks recorded at Electric Lady Studios.

It'll have live music from French For Rabbits, and Teeth, who are celebrating the release of their self-titled debut album through the Slow Boat Records label. "Recorded Nov. 18, 1975, this album roars with "Thunder Road", "Backstreets", "Kitty's Back", "Detroit Medley" and more". Yeah, I definitely prefer older music to newer music just in terms of style.

Record stores in the United States started RSD as a way to celebrate the nearly 1400 independently owned record stores in the country and the unique culture surrounding the stores and their product, according to the event's website. "The day is a way to show people - collectors or otherwise - that these small stores are still out there and that they have plenty offer collectors and casual listeners".