Todd McShay: Josh Dobbs could sneak into the first round of draft

  • Todd McShay: Josh Dobbs could sneak into the first round of draft

Todd McShay: Josh Dobbs could sneak into the first round of draft

As far as Tabor, McShay has him going 56th to the Oakland Raiders in the second round of the draft, while Kiper didn't include Tabor in his three-round projection.

"So you got to kind of put it in perspective and say, in the National Football League, less plays, you'll have a better chance to go full-out every play than you will in college".

During the 2016 NFL Draft, Maryland saw Sean Davis (Pittsburgh Steelers), Yannick Ngakoue (Jacksonville Jaguars), and Quinton Jefferson (Seattle Seahawks) selected during the first five rounds.

By the time the Chicago Bears second round (36th overall) pick comes along, it's not likely that any of the top four quarterback options will be available. He's a pass-catcher, and after trading away Julius Thomas, Jacksonville sorely needs a replacement.

"You're playing 90 to 100 plays a game", he said. They have needs elsewhere, namely at inside linebacker (if Reuben Foster drops, he'd be a good fit) and cornerback.

We are starting to see a lot of mock drafts with Adams going to Chicago. I wouldn't hesitate to take him at the end of the first round, and he'll also return punts. We went in and thought there would be guys in the fourth and fifth round that we really like. Obviously, what he provides on the field is great too. He has showcased both explosiveness and top-end speed as a runner, and he has third down upside as a versatile offensive weapon. Sufficient to say, I am not a fan of what he has here and certainly hope that the draft doesn't turn out this way. Some are the result of injury issues. His talent convinced them he had to be their first pick. And that can be kryptonite for an NFL GM.

Mock draft season is undoubtedly here, with many new versions hitting the masses on a daily basis. And it's not unusual. "I think he proved to people that he can adapt quickly and learn". "I think he got a little bit better against the run". Stewart is a talented wide receiver who showed game-breaking ability at Alabama.

With that, ESPN's Mel Kiper has added onto his mock draft, extending it from the first round to the first three rounds. And he doesn't think there's a cornerback worth taking that early in the first round. "There's inconsistency concerns with him", McShay said. I like Delvin Breaux, but he played only 287 snaps last season. They've got picks 14, 43 and 99. Snagging Brantley, my third-ranked defensive tackle, in the second round is good value.

If that sounds familiar, then it's probably because you heard a very similar philosophy straight from the Eagles GM on Thursday. We felt good about the draft because we felt like we got impact players at the top of the draft, and we thought Ronde Barber was a ideal scheme fit.