Tillerson says no place for Assad in Syria's future

  • Tillerson says no place for Assad in Syria's future

Tillerson says no place for Assad in Syria's future

Reluctant to put significant troops on the ground in Syria, the US for years has struggled to prevent Assad from strengthening his hold on power.

Haley said "getting Assad out is not the only priority" and that countering Iran's influence in Syria was another.

G7 Foreign Ministers will send a "clear and coordinated message" to Russian Federation on Monday over its stance on Syria as Washington ratcheted up the pressure following a suspected chemical attack in the war-torn country.

"We can not let this happen again", the secretary of state said.

Freeland, in Italy for meetings of the G7 foreign ministers, says Assad's gruesome chemical attack against his own people and the US missile strike that followed have created conditions conducive to a political solution to the tensions in Syria.

Speaking after the meeting, Tillerson denounced Russia's "failure" to ensure the elimination of chemical weapons in Syria and said it had not made enough progress in peace talks.

Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano greeted U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the other G-7 diplomats as they arrived Monday at the centuries-old Ducal Palace in the Tuscan city of Lucca. Tillerson said it was clear the USA saw no role for Assad in Syria's future, given that he had lost legitimacy.

Leading up to the USA missile attack, Trump's administration had said Assad's future was up to the Syrian people.

Russian Federation has defended Bashar Assad's government which has been accused of launching a chemical weapons attack on the Idlib province.

"It is unclear whether Russian Federation failed to take this obligation seriously, or Russian Federation has been incompetent", Tillerson concluded, "but this distinction doesn't much matter to the dead".

Here's the background to Tillerson's crucial trip to Moscow.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will travel to Moscow on Tuesday, and the visit is highly unlikely to be the love-in that some predicted in the Trump administration's earlier days.

But that's not what's on the table in Moscow.

Russian foreign ministry said on Tuesday it hoped the United States would agree to an global investigation of the nerve gas attack which prompted the USA missile strike on Syria and that US officials would also take part in Afghanistan talks in Moscow later this week. And hanging over the talks, the question: "What next?"

Ministers meeting in the walled Tuscan city of Lucca strongly supported US missile strikes that targeted a Syrian air base believed to have been used to launch the attack. It said the outcome of the discussions is important not only for the U.S. The Kremlin declined to say if Putin would meet Tillerson.

"The Prime Minister and President also stressed the importance of the global community, including China, putting pressure on North Korea to constrain the threat it poses", the spokesperson said.

Well, that's certainly true now.

The United States has sought to minimize expectations for the trip or the likelihood that the USA will leave with any concessions from Russian Federation regarding its support for Assad. It's also why Barack Obama got pushed so far out of his red-line lane on Syria in 2013, because Congress discovered the same thing.

The US blamed the Syrian government for the attack - a charge that Syria strongly denied, saying it hit a rebel arsenal that had chemical weapons. However, Russia's grand strategy to align a superpower with radical Shi'ites in Tehran hardly highlights any wisdom on their part either.

"The Secretary said when he was at the ministerial that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance is also fundamental to countering both nonviolent but at times violent Russian agitation and aggression". As the Federal Bureau of Investigation and multiple congressional committees investigate potential collusion between Russian Federation and Trump's campaign, the president can point to his hard-line stance on Assad as fresh evidence he's willing to stand up to Putin.

Several rounds of UN-backed peace talks have failed to end the Syrian conflict, which has killed more than 320,000 people since March 2011.