Polls show Trump's approval at new low as 100-day mark looms

  • Polls show Trump's approval at new low as 100-day mark looms

Polls show Trump's approval at new low as 100-day mark looms

Republicans had insisted privately for some time that there would be no shutdown, understanding that blame for such a move would lie at their feet given that they control all the levers of power in Washington.

Trying to unsuccessfully tackle repeal and replacement of Obamacare early on in his presidency might have cost Trump his honeymoon period - the early period in office when US presidents typically enjoy higher approval ratings.

While for President Trump border funding and a wall is incredibly important to him, that's not popular with democrats and even some republicans question if it's the right investment. "A huge majority of people say they worry, at least sometimes, about health care - about it wrecking them financially, about being unable to find insurance or being able to pay for things".

Trump's comments at the reception could help appropriators and leaders finish bipartisan, bicameral negotiations on the 11 remaining fiscal 2017 spending bills before the Friday deadline. And given how divisive it is, inserting it into must-pass legislation like a government funding bill seemed to be the best way to get what Trump wants.

Is Trump being judged accurately by supporters, opponents and analysts? "I promise, we don't do that", Trump said, and praised Haley for doing a "fantastic job".

That's a problem for Republicans because the Senate can not pass legislation that would add to long-term budget deficits without a 60-vote majority.

"He is fulfilling his promises and doing it at breakneck speed", White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said Sunday.

How would the Republican president react if a major terror attack were to happen on U.S. soil, as it did on 9/11?

The White House press release is also way off about the number of EOs President Truman signed during his first 100 days, as Shulman details.

We'll publish as many responses as possible.

Trump's big agenda items, like his promised tax overhaul and infrastructure plan, have yet to reach Congress.

Trump also did something in his first 100 days that his predecessor could not bring himself to do in his entire second term: He enforced Obama's red line against Syria's use of chemical weapons.

Trump also blasted Obama's executive orders in 2012, tweeting that they represent "major power grabs of authority".

- Arthur Doucette (@arthur_doucette) April 25, 2017Does Trump's list of accomplishments in the first 100 days count both failed attempts at a Muslim ban, or just one of them?

So how is Mr Trump spending his final week before the artificial and ridiculous 100-day point of his presidency? That rally comes the same night as the White House correspondents' dinner, an annual gathering of politicians and the media in downtown Washington.

The plan Ryan supports is much different from the one Trump is pursuing.

The low levels of support appeared largely limited to Americans who already held negative views of the new president.

Good grief! Every time the media publishes something President Donald Trump disagrees with he labels it "fake news" and new polls show he has the lowest approval rating at this stage of his presidency in the history of modern polling.