Peter Capaldi: New 'Doctor Who' season 'a return to the early days'

We'll say goodbye to Capaldi in the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas Special and, in a recent interview with the New York Times, Capaldi teased what the end will look like for his Doctor.

"I think with Series 10 it's a great place to start if you've never watched Doctor Who because Bill is so new to the world of Doctor Who", Mackie explains. Doctor Who's season 10 premiere is called The Pilot and it's a rather tongue-in-cheek title considering it's a grounded introduction to the new companion.

It definitely shouldn't, though.

"At the same time she is witty and clever, and I think she is very much driven by her gut and her heart, and how she feels about a situation is very important to her and that is how she navigates through it".

"One of the things I really liked about her when I read the description is that she is very real", Mackie said. "Um, well, you'll just have to wait and see if Bill comes back!" she says.

When the Thick of It actor joined the show, his darker energy seemed misconstrued by some writers, who penned the Doctor in Series 8 as an angry and sometimes genuinely mean curmudgeon. "I was more nervous than I have ever been in my entire life!" remembers Mackie. "And I really didn't want to do that because I thought Bill was supposed to be completely fresh and completely new to this".

I like Capaldi in the role, his dark Scottish humor; I like that he's an older Doctor, in the early tradition of the show.

Jenna Coleman, who played the previous Doctor's companion, Clara, sent Mackie "a bunch of flowers" for her first day of filming and shared some essential advice, such as, "Where to get nice food delivered in Cardiff and what not to eat at the canteen", reveals Mackie.

She said Capaldi told her: "Here's my number". Nardole (Matt Lucas) is still tagging along in the TARDIS too, and together they'll have some adventures with the Doctor throughout time and space. Peter Capaldi is set to return as the Doctor. As for the Doctor, he will find Bill interesting as well. Hunting down Bill across the galaxy by turning into water to get past nearly every obstacle, the Doctor has to take his new companion and jump to various different places to outrun the alien. This is Who get-out-of-jail-card plotting at its worst, like children playing a game, making up the rules as they go along - and it also made for some truly mawkish moments. However, this appears insulting and misleading to any long-term fan of the programme, who will recognise the show's long-standing history of non-heteronormative inclusion.

We were all in tears with Bill as she broke down while looking through the unseen pictures of her mother, who died when she was young.