No G7 consensus on fresh Syria sanctions: Italy's Alfano

  • No G7 consensus on fresh Syria sanctions: Italy's Alfano

No G7 consensus on fresh Syria sanctions: Italy's Alfano

Calling for a United Nations investigation, Putin held to his claim that it was actually Assad opponents who introduced chemical weapons into Syria's harrowing civil war.

The updated assessment was released after US President Trump asked Mattis for a more information on the extent of the damage to the airbase, according to a senior administration official. Western experts say sarin, a nerve agent, was used in the attack last week that killed more than 80 people. And I don't mean that in any kind of dramatic sense - like they're thinking about nuking us every day - I don't really think that's on anybody's mind. "Japan and the United States will jointly call on China to play a bigger role", Kishida told reporters after meeting Tillerson in Lucca. He added that the US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Nikki Haley earlier said about new sanctions against Russian Federation, though "we have not heard any announcements of (US President Donald - TASS) Trump regarding the issue or any of his representatives yet".

Tillerson said it was clear the US saw no role for Assad in Syria's future, given that he had lost legitimacy. A joint command center made up of the forces of Russia, Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah militia said on Sunday it would respond to any new aggression, and that its support for Assad would increase. He gave no further details on the stunning claim.

G7 ministers, in the face of conflicting signals on U.S. policy towards Syria and Russian Federation, appear to have chosen to postpone any big decision until after those talks. "We have seen it all already". "I think it's more like a passive anger at the United States".

"We remain united in using a wide array of foreign policy tools, including restrictive measures and sanctions, with the goal of persuading Russian Federation to return to a path of shared respect of those principles", the G7 statement read.

"It is obvious that Russian-American relations are going through the most hard period since the end of the Cold War", the ministry said. While Trump has stated, the he is not afraid to hit Syrian President Bashar al-Assad again, it appears that numerous country's allies are unafraid of the US President's threats.

He said Russian Federation was set to appeal to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and "call on the worldwide community to thoroughly investigate such incidents".

Moscow says there is no proof that the Syrian military carried out the attack, and called the US missile strike an act of aggression that violates worldwide law.

Russian Federation has defended Bashar Assad's government which has been accused of launching a chemical weapons attack on the Idlib province.

He said that Russian Federation has failed on its 2013 commitment of getting rid of chemical weapons. But, he said, the distinction "doesn't much matter to the dead".

Moscow has sought to deflect blame from its long-time ally Assad over the alleged chemical attack and says Syrian jets struck a rebel arms depot where "toxic substances" were being put inside bombs.

Washington's missile strike was the first time it had intervened directly against the regime of Assad, who is fighting a civil war with the backing of Russian Federation and Iran.

On Monday, the foreign ministry warned that if Washington does nothing to improve relations, "Moscow will react reciprocally". Putin even awarded Tillerson the Order of Friendship. Tillerson gained a reputation for being willing to walk out on energy deals that did not meet his standards. "And those sanctions will remain in place until those issues are addressed".