Lawyer calls to investigate Arkansas execution after inmate convulsed before dying

Federal judges, including members of the U.S. Supreme Court, have expressed reservations about the lethal injection process using midazolam, but the Supreme Court refused to stop the execution on a 5-4 decision.

If states can't get supplies of the three drugs needed for the lethal injection cocktail now used, authorities may have to switch to a one-drug lethal injection and use drugs such as sodium thiopental and pentobarbital. In Ohio, Dennis McGuire gasped and convulsed for 10 minutes before dying.

Hutchinson has not yet directed the ADC to start looking for more. It is a method of executing a death row inmate by injecting either a single lethal dosage or a series of multiple drugs into the inmate's body.

"This is a new chapter in this story, and every time we have a new chapter it makes it more and more hard to obtain drugs and the states' options get more and more constrained", said Deborah Denno, a professor at Fordham University School of Law and an expert on the death penalty.

"Our whole society has been diminished by these four executions", she concluded.

As Robert Dunham, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, pointed out on Twitter, "a$3 ll of the eight scheduled executions involved white victims".

Arkansas has carried out its final execution for the month of April.

In 2010, Ronnie Lee Gardner was executed by a firing squad in Utah. Davis did not expect a review of the execution, saying that any of Williams' motions could be attributed to "involuntary muscular reaction". But three or four minutes thereafter, as the vein collapsed and Clark's arm began to swell, he raised his head off the gurney and said five times, "It don't work".

The four lethal injections that were carried out included Monday's first double execution in the U.S. since 2000.

Witnesses could hear Williams' heavy breathing.

With its midazolam set to expire Sunday, Arkansas has no more executions scheduled.

Several states then turned to new mixes that included midazolam. "Mr. Jones' movements after the midazolam was administered is evidence of continued consciousness". Oklahoma used 100 milligrams.

Which drugs are used for lethal injection? The state requires two full doses of each of the three drugs including a backup dose of each in case there is an issue during an execution. Meanwhile, 15 death row inmates have exhausted their appeals and are awaiting execution dates. In Arizona, Joseph Wood snorted and gulped for air as he died over a period of two hours. Boren's relatives want Williams to be executed; Boren's widow, Genie, went to his clemency hearing, where Boren's daughter argued against giving him a reprieve.

Wood, a convicted double-murderer, was given a combination of midazolam and hydromorphone. The state turns off the microphone in the death chamber after the inmate is allowed to make a final statement, so witnesses cannot hear the execution through it. Arkansas' "one size fits all" execution protocol could leave him in pain after a paralytic agent renders him unable to move, they'd argued to state and federal courts, which all rejected his claims.

Defendants deny that the Arkansas execution protocol did not prevent an execution by torture. Or the execution of Ronald Bert Smith who heaved, coughed and struggled for breath. Central Standard Time, 13 minutes after the execution began.

The meaning of those movements has been disputed.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

Alabama's next execution is scheduled for May.

Representatives of Central Christian said the church has not taken an official position on capital punishment but is hosting the event to give their congregation an opportunity to learn about some of the challenges regarding the death penalty.

One of Williams' attorneys, Shawn Nolan, described the accounts of Williams' execution as "horrifying". Pulaski County Circuit Judge Mackie M. Pierce also did not halt the execution. He missed 17 years of his daughters growing up. If Williams is put to death, it would be the fourth execution for Arkansas since April 20.

The curtains of the viewing room were closed and witnesses left.

During the trial, the jury found one mitigating circumstance, being that Williams experienced inter-generational family dysfunction. It's the second drug in Arkansas' execution protocol.