John McCain: Trump Team 'Partially To Blame' For Syria Chemical Attack

Nevertheless, I would argue that the Islamic Republic appears to bear more than just moral responsibility in the latest chemical weapon attacks.

The source did not explain that influence the United Kingdom has so far had on USA policy.

"It is clear to all of us that the reign of the Assad family is coming to an end", he said ahead of his sit-down with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow. The Syrian government has denied using chemical weapons.

"We are certain that the opposition could not have fabricated all of the videos and other reporting of chemical attacks", the report reads.

Speaking on "Fox News Sunday", national security adviser H.R. McMaster left open the possibility of additional U.S. military action against Syria after last week's strike but indicated that the United States was not seeking to act unilaterally to oust Assad.

Fourth, Trump's attack on Syrian targets promises to exacerbate tensions with the second most heavily nuclear-armed power on the planet (Russia) and an ally of Assad's.

"It's pretty evident that they are taking similar tactics into electoral processes throughout Europe and so they're really undermining any hope for improved relations with many European countries as well", Tillerson said Sunday. "Russian Federation can be a part of that future and play an important role", he said.

Now a declassified report released by the National Security Council reiterates that the confident Assad's forces carried out the April 4 chemical attack and lays out the intelligence community's reasoning - without including classified information used in the analysis.

Iran's Quds Force, under the leadership of Qassem Soleimani, has infiltrated Syrian military and security infrastructures in such a manner that it has significant control of Syria's political is hard to believe that Iran is not involved in every tactical, strategic and militaristic move that Assad's forces make. "We have seen it all already".

Rex Tillerson made the remarks at the conclusion on Tuesday in Italy of a meeting of foreign ministers of the Group of Seven (G7) and "like-minded" countries.

Italy, Germany, France, Britain, Canada and Japan are likely to use the G7 summit in Tuscany to tackle Mr Tillerson about U.S. policy on the Middle East.

Until Friday's strike, so did Mr Trump. The first is linked to the parameters of the Chemical Weapons Convention, and second is related to the scope of Iran's involvement in Syria's war and military actions.

White House sources were quick to dismiss any difference in nuance between Nikki Haley's comments and administration policy as "inadvertent and unintentional".

Reuters news agency quoted one senior European diplomat as saying that the USA was "navigating aimlessly in the dark" in the search for a transfer of power in Syria.

But now Trump goes and does exactly what he castigated Obama for considering.

How have Syria and its allies responded?

Along with Trump himself, they reason that Syria's Bashar al-Assad is a ruthless dictator who has used chemical weapons on his own people, including women, children, and babies.

He also said that Russian Federation should not be "pushed into a corner" over Syria, but that it should put pressure on Assad to stop the use of chemical weapons, and should join the global push for peace in Syria.

The former minister said the ultimate success of the talks will be measured by the diplomats' ability to seal and officially announce the date for the much anticipated Putin-Trump meeting. But in interviews broadcast Sunday, Tillerson said he sees no reason for retaliation from Moscow because Russian Federation wasn't targeted. The Trump campaign's possible ties to the presumed Russian meddlers are also under scrutiny. Not so any more.

Britain's Johnson cancelled a scheduled visit to Moscow Monday, saying his priority was now "to continue contact with the United States and others" ahead of Tillerson's Russian trip.

Shayrat airbase was the target of the US' first deliberate direct attack on Syrian forces since the start of the war six years ago. The next step would be to use United Nations talks to negotiate a political transition that could include Assad leaving power.