Israel indicts hacker linked to threats on US Jewish centers

  • Israel indicts hacker linked to threats on US Jewish centers

Israel indicts hacker linked to threats on US Jewish centers

The press release states that an investigation continues, as well as a probe into possible hate crime charges.

On Friday, The Justice Department formally charged a teen in connection with a series of threats to Jewish Community Centers, schools, and commercial airline flights.

"This kind of behavior is not a prank, and it isn't harmless", he asserted.

His lawyer in Israel said that Kadar, who is Jewish, had a "very serious medical condition" that might have had an effect on him. He also offered his intimation services over the internet in return for compensation in Bitcoin. We see children. We have guns.

According to the indictment, the suspect's goal was to sow large-scale public panic, cause the summoning of large emergency forces to the threatened area, cause the panicked evacuation of the location, and bring about searches and scans of the location, thereby gaining public attention to what he was doing that would enhance the damage caused by his deeds.

Kadar also targeted facilities in Jacksonville, Fort Myers, Orlando and other cities, the complaint said. He had not previously been linked to those calls.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) on Friday charged a man with making multiple threatening calls to Jewish Community Centers in Florida.

The teenager was charged with allegedly making 2000 hoax calls around the world in a two-year period. Police responded to the scene, only to find that there was no danger. The charges stem from the January 3 incident.

A joint operation between the FBI, Israeli authorities, and police in New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, led to his arrest, the report said.

Police said they had not mentioned the JCC threats to him.

Israel charged 18-year-old Michael Kadar on Monday with making more than 2,000 threats against Jewish organizations, police stations, and an airplane carrying the Boston Celtics professional basketball team.

Those charges are limited to Florida threats.

The charges follow a wave of bomb threats to Jewish institutions in the United States that helped spread fears over whether anti-Semitism was rising in the country.

The calls date back as far as August 2015, and frequently saw Kadar threatening "bombs" and "bloodbaths", the Federal Bureau of Investigation said. The complaint alleged that Kadar, in a phone call to the school, warned that the shrapnel would "rip off their heads". Recipes for poison manufacture, explosives and even content containing child pornography were found on hardware attributed to the teen. Many Jewish community centers took steps to heighten security in response.

There, they examined his laptop and a USB drive which Kadar had used to collect recordings of his various "swatting" calls as well as news clips of the coverage they generated and what they believed were advertisements Kadar had made to solicit his swatting services. The suspect recorded his conversations and saved them on his personal computer next to articles of the events. When asked what he didn't do, Kadar said, "The threats".