Is It Time to go for Wells Fargo & Company (WFC), Apache Corporation

She "mismanaged" the bank's response to the aggressive sales tactics that seemed to breed bad behavior, submitting reports to the board that were "viewed by many as misleading".

Altogether, Stumpf lost $69 million in compensation and Tolstedt $67 million, which includes $41 million from Stumpf and $19 million from Tolstedt in forfeited unvested equity awards.

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In total, Ellison submitted 68 questions for the bank to answer after the hearing had concluded.

The board said "the investigation identifies cultural, structural and leadership issues as root causes of improper sales practices".

Charlotte is the San Francisco-based bank's biggest employment hub, and the community bank is now led by Charlotte-based executive Mary Mack.

The firm PricewaterhouseCoopers analyzed 82 million Wells Fargo deposit accounts and 11 million credit card accounts over a four-year period, from May 2011 to summer 2015.

California and Arizona cited as having a "considerably higher" number of unauthorized accounts per employee.

Ellison also asked if some Minnesotans had multiple accounts that were affected. But, according to the report, Stumpf was notified of a problem at one of the bank's Colorado branches in 2002 that led to "mass termination" of bank employees. Customers were failing to fund, or put money into, their new accounts at alarming rates. The review largely exonerated Sloan and many deputies.

Tolstedt, on the advice of counsel, declined to participate in or be interviewed for the Wells Fargo internal report.

But executives treated these staffers as rogues, blamed them and treated the problem as not being systemic throughout the bank. Witnesses also stated that Freeman suggested to subordinates that they encourage customers to sign up for products regardless of need. The thinking was that accounts were being opened even when customers didn't want them and in many cases didn't even know about.

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Sept. 29, 2016, before the House Financial Services Committee.

Wells' ties to Minnesota go beyond the fact that it's the dominant major USA bank in the state, with over 160 branches across Minnesota.

The clawbacks - or forced return of pay and stock grants - are the largest in banking history and among the largest in corporate America.

Piper Jaffray on Tuesday upgraded Wells Fargo & Company's analyst rating to "Neutral" with its price target of 55 highlighting a potential increase of 2.63% from Wells Fargo & Company's current price of 53.59.

The report found Wells Fargo gave mangers a strong hand, with a commonly repeated slogan, "run it like you own it". All told this means $180 million in executive compensation has been withheld due to the scandal, just $5 million less than the bank has paid in fines. "This hampered the ability of control functions outside the Community Bank and the Board to accurately assess the problem and work toward a solution", the board said. Management was also slow to inform the board about the serious nature of the problem, including the firing of thousands of lower-level employees over sales practices, the report said.

But many employees said they were unfairly punished for speaking out or resisting unrealistic sales quotas. Last week, a federal regulator, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Labor Department, ordered Wells Fargo to reinstate and pay $5.4 million to a former employee who said he was sacked after making internal complaints about wrongdoing that he observed.

But the stories continue, including this one, where employees used their own family members to meet their sales goals.