Hawks' Millsap ready to match Morris, Wiz with 'MMA' style

Can the Washington Wizards pick up another win at home when they host the Atlanta Hawks in Game 2 of their series tonight at 7PM ET? Washington made just 33.3 percent of its shots in the first half, including a 2-of-13 rate from beyond the arc, as it went into halftime down three. I guess if we're playing MMA, they're giving y'all the fouls.

The No. 4 seed Wizards and No. 5 seed Hawks kick off their best-of-seven series Sunday afternoon at Verizon Center.

Wall said the injury was on his mind coming into the series since most believe it was the deciding factor for the Wizards' elimination.

Just four Wizards remain from that playoff run: John Wall, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter and Marcin Gortat. He was the only player in the starting lineup who did not have playoff experience, and he was going to be tasked with guarding Atlanta's best player, Paul Millsap.

What we don't know is whether this was a clear strategy by the Wizards or if it was just how things shook out in the natural flow of the game. Atlanta shot 22 free throws thanks to Washington's hyperactivity turning into chopping and clobbering. If any team had a 4-man that could score, we could go right back to him and he can score on the perimeter and score in the post.

After Prince hit a three to draw Atlanta within 108-103 with 2:06 to play, Howard deflected a pass, creating a loose ball under the basket. Schroder has a quick step on offense, but hasn't played with equal quickness on defense and the other guard, whether it's Hardaway Jr. or Sefolosha, is not on the same stage as Beal. We have to continue to play no matter what happens. Morris grinned slightly when explaining later that he told Millsap to "shut up" before the half ended with Atlanta in front by three points.

"They said we wrestling so I guess they don't have a choice but to come out and play tougher". "They are extensive scorers".

The storyline here is pretty obvious: Two of the top MVP candidates, stat machines Russell Westbrook and James Harden going at it. Westbrook had one of the most remarkable seasons in National Basketball Association history, averaging a triple double and leading the league in scoring.

"That's what he wants me to do, take all the focus off the team and put it on him".

Westbrook might win the Thunder a couple, but I think in the end the Rockets are too good. It was also the best playoff performance of Wall's career (27.6), eclipsing his 26-point, 17-assist performance against the Toronto Raptors in 2015. However, they failed to contain the monstrous Morris, Beal, and Wall. "We started to get a lot of stops out in transition and I got into a rhythm of knocking down shots and being more aggressive".

"We're never going to make excuses, but this is hard", Horford said. "When he's playing as well as he did today for us, we're unstopabble".

"I'm anxious about my team", Morris added. He's ridiculous and I'm not sure Atlanta has an answer for him. I'm anxious about winning. "I don't pay attention to what media say".