France's Le Pen says Macron is "weak" on Islamist terrorism

  • France's Le Pen says Macron is

France's Le Pen says Macron is "weak" on Islamist terrorism

They will face off in a second round on May 7.

When the final numbers trickled in, Macron had almost 24 percent of the vote, followed by Le Pen at around 22 percent.

"There only was one choice: the defense of what Europe incarnates and the option that seeks its destruction", Schinas said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesperson said it was good that the strong European Union candidate had been so successful, and wished Mr Macron the best for the next two weeks until the run-off election.

"French markets are likely to be highly sensitive to all political news".

European Commission President Jean-Claus Juncker congratulated him as well.

Investors expect Macron to win the race after topping Sunday's vote count and securing the support of losing Socialist and conservative party candidates. "Its not a matter of person, but of programme. And candidates that caused us a lot of problems, I think that's not a good thing for France".

Macron also received the backing of another French neighbor, Spain, with Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis saying Macron would mark a break in the rise of extremist populist parties in Europe.

"There is not one domain that he shows one ounce of patriotism", she said.

Le Pen has advocated a new system of "intelligent protectionism" to withdraw France from worldwide trade agreements and re-prioritise domestic production of goods.

Nevertheless, with several defeated candidates calling on supporters to stop her, Le Pen she seems destined to suffer a similar fate to her father when she goes up against Macron in two weeks' time.

Jonathan Bartley, the Green Party co-leader, said: "It's entirely up to the French people how they vote in the second round of the presidential election, but when a fascist is on the ballot paper, we'd encourage everyone to rally around the alternative".

"The major issue of this election is runaway globalisation, which is putting our civilisation in danger", she told supporters.

She called on voters to "choose France, borders that protect our jobs and our spending power, our security, our national identity".

The former economics minister and investment banker beat far-right leader Marine Le Pen into second place in the first round of voting Sunday. Le Pen has run a tough, anti-immigrant campaign and has vowed to take France out of the European Union.

His opponent Jacques Chirac eventually won with 82.21 percent of votes.

The markets have let out a sigh of relief following the first round of voting in the French presidential election on Sunday.

Several hundred protesters threw bottles and fireworks, French newspaper Le Monde reported.

"The voters who voted for Mr. Melenchon are angry voters". But Emmanuel Macron stayed in the city many Le Pen voters despise as the the center of an "arrogant" elite establishment - Paris. But majority said they didn't know what they would do; they would either cast a blank vote or cast a vote for Le Pen.

But Macron's party spokesman, Benjamin Griveaux, said the far-right candidate is hardly a vector of change.

With 90 percent of votes counted, the Interior Ministry said Macron had almost 24 percent, giving him a slight cushion over Le Pen's 22 percent.