Cruz says eyes of nation on Kansas House race

  • Cruz says eyes of nation on Kansas House race

Cruz says eyes of nation on Kansas House race

President Donald Trump won the fourth district by 27 points and Pompeo was never seriously challenged in a general election; the district, which includes Wichita, hometown of the billionaire Koch brothers, is an epicenter of Republican power in the state. For that matter, if Republicans do well, Democrats shouldn't panic either; Republicans faced two dispiriting special election losses in NY and one in Pennsylvania before their 2010 landslide wins.

Trump won 60 percent of the votes cast in the 17-county congressional district. The race is to fill a vacancy left by former GOP Rep. Mike Pompeo, who is now the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Republicans are defending four GOP-leaning seats - the Kansas seat plus Georgia, Montana and SC - while Democrats are protecting a seat in a liberal California district.

This is published unedited from the PTI feed. He said the the push by national party leaders suggests they might have data that foretells a competitive election. Estes, who is the sitting state Treasurer, is struggling to distance himself from Brownback. If voters - even Republican voters - want to send a message to the boss in Washington that what he's doing isn't exactly what they want him to be doing, this is their first chance.

Estes acknowledged people across the country are looking at the Kansas election as an indication of the new president's support and approval rating, and he predicted people will vote for him because of his support for Trump's policies. Neither Price has endorsed one of the 11 Republicans running for the Atlanta suburban district. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee began running 25,000 live phone calls on Monday, confident that it'd be too late for any association with the national party to damage nominee James Thompson in deep red territory.

But that wouldn't necessarily be the case in Kansas's 4th District election on Tuesday.

Gonzales pointed to a Pennsylvania special election in May 2010, when Democrats held on to a congressional seat in a district that had not voted for then-President Obama - a result that turned out to be less than prophetic.

A civil rights attorney who has brought lawsuits on behalf of people shot by police, Thompson favors legalizing marijuana and has said he made a decision to run for Congress because of Vermont Sen.

This race is much more than a random special election. The National Republican Congressional Committee is spending almost $100,000 on ads in the closing days. If James Thompson can win, or even just lose by single digits, other upcoming special elections will not look optimistic for the GOP.

"You've got to really be careful about over-learning any lessons from one race in a particular congressional district", Loomis said. The Cook Political Report has scored the race as "leans Republican", noting that Thompson has struggled to get funding from his state party for the race. ActBlue, an online fundraising tool for Democratic and progressive groups, for example, brought in a record $111 million from more than 4 million contributors in just the first three months of 2017. More than 95 percent of the Democrat's donations come from individuals and he has gotten little help from DC Democrats who have not, for the most part, taken the Kansas contest seriously.