Columbus church hosts High-Flying Easter Egg Drop

  • Columbus church hosts High-Flying Easter Egg Drop

Columbus church hosts High-Flying Easter Egg Drop

The church better organized the event, using wristbands to identify a child's age and utilizing more of the space available in the park.

The eggs at the event were filled with coupons and prizes.

The Easter Bunny has been hard at work at All Star Sports.

As Easter 2017 nears, you are probably rushing around to get everything in order for this Sunday's festivities.

Co-sponsors of the event are Prevention Links, New Birth Grand Lodge of NJ and the Union County Parks and Recreation Dept. His favourite part was seeing the Easter bunny.

They say the number of eggs reflects the number of people who said they were "unchurched" in the 2010 census.

Children waited anxiously for the sign that indicated the hunt had begun, and like excited young bears after honey, children stormed into the field as fast as they could and battled for their treasure.

The Easter Bunny will visit the track around 7:30 p.m. Saturday, just in time for the Easter Egg Hunt. Secrest then had the dozens of children line up for the final-seconds countdown.

Some of the children ran with their baskets.

If you missed the Easter egg hunt today, here are some egg hunts happening on Easter Sunday.

In New Baltimore, kids in preschool through sixth grade hopped over to First Baptist Church on Washington Street to hunt for Easter eggs on April 8.

"It's great. It's wonderful. So there's about four different programs that this helps support", says Doug Sorter, a coordinator of the event and the Business Operations and Development VP at Strive.

Registration for the egg hunt is at 11 a.m., with the hunt at noon.

In all, more than 2,000 eggs, containing candy or treats, were distributed.

Hundreds packed the AJ Holloway Sports complex in Biloxi on Saturday for the annual event.

Last year, the Obama White House ordered 85,000 of the commemorative eggs, according to the Times.

Powell said the church's activity in the community has paid off.