US Republicans to dismantle Obamacare

  • US Republicans to dismantle Obamacare

US Republicans to dismantle Obamacare

"Although no one believes the current healthcare system is flawless, this harmful legislation would make healthcare less secure and less affordable", stated Nancy LeaMond, executive vice president of seniors advocacy group AARP, formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons. Obamacare incentivizes consolidation of health care providers and empowers insurance and government bureaucracies to limit treatment options and choice of doctors and promote more standardized care based on computer logarithms. Only a half dozen of the 23 original ACA exchanges, formed with $2.4 billion in taxpayer startup money, remain.

Aside from the acknowledged flaws of the ACA, one of the biggest problems with the plan is the branding.

And it's not just customers of the exchanges that are impacted. It encourages people to set up health savings and flex savings accounts to pay for health care. "That is bad politics, and more importantly, bad policy", Needham continued.

In one-third of America's counties, only one insurer provides coverage so competition is drying up under Obamacare, Barletta said.

President Trump on Friday accused congressional Democrats and President Obama of conniving to make sure that ObamaCare would "explode" in 2017 - because Obama would be out of office by then.

It is not flawless. J. Mario Molina, CEO of Molina Healthcare, said he doesn't think the 30 percent surcharge is enough of a penalty to entice healthy people to buy insurance. (Former Speaker John Boehner left Congress amid criticism from conservatives).

But it is a solid starting point for the unavoidable revamping of the health insurance system. Meadows said the meeting was "encouraging" because Pence assured them that the bill is "still open for negotiation".

On Wednesday he expressed his displeasure with the proposed legislation. Like other Republicans, he has long supported popular Obamacare provisions such as protecting those with pre-existing conditions and allowing younger people to stay on their parents' insurance.

Trump praises health care bill, but conservatives skeptical [press release]. But it also has some more controversial measures, such as curtailing federal support for Medicaid and providing refundable tax credits based mainly on age, not income. Still, Mulvaney said coverage comparisons were unfair, arguing that the current law made "insurance affordable, but care impossible to actually afford".

Medicaid would be converted to block grants to the states, awarded on a per-capita basis and adjusted for inflation.

He says when combined with Alaska's economic challenges and the highest unemployment rate in the nation, asking people to pay more for health care will hurt people in more places than just their pocketbook.

The revived 2015 bill also would repeal the Prevention and Public Health Fund, often referred to as the "Obamacare slush fund", the Kentucky Republican said, and eliminate expanded eligibility for Medicaid. Obamacare isn't some health care panacea, gaining new insurers and covering exponentially larger numbers of Americans every year.