'The Walking Dead' talks of a future and 'post Negan' apocalypse

  • 'The Walking Dead' talks of a future and 'post Negan' apocalypse

'The Walking Dead' talks of a future and 'post Negan' apocalypse

"I'm ready to kill him, but I need to make sure you know what this means", Sasha says. It looks like Michonne probably didn't have that either.

"Richonne": Rick and Michonne aren't exactly in the top ten of TV couples, but it's still nice to see a stable, loving relationship built on trust and respect in the zombie apocalypse. Nearly approaching the end for its seventh season, the remaining episodes for the series are reportedly getting very exciting on every scenario. Sasha had Jesus draw her a map of the outside. Some time ago, Eugene betrayed Abraham and Rosita with a huge lie and she forgave him.

Michonne (and maybe just a few viewers) are convinced that Rick is a goner, until he pops up and throws Michonne her dropped sword.

Even the zombie fights work well. He realized they couldn't go on living as they were under Negan's current rule and chose to start formulating a plan of action to go up against the Saviors. She didn't bring any of the explosives because she didn't want anyone to notice they were gone. However, Michonne will lead without Rick because it's the right thing to do. She grabs it like He-Man and they kill the rest of the mob before she rushes into his arms. And apparently Rosita's takeaway from his "perhaps there was a method to my madness when I stopped you from undertaking a dumb suicide mission to kill Negan".was "I should try to kill Negan again". It sucks for us when we lose somebody but, it depends on who goes and it's up to them how to let us know.

It's also good to hear them talking realistically about the future, both what will need to happen after Negan is defeated, and also what may realistically happen between now and then.

We get a couple of glimpses of a pensive Tara as she battles with herself over whether she should tell Rick about the women at Oceanside who are straight up packing. Aside from that, Rosita enlists Sasha to take out Negan now. Rick treated their scavenging time as a vacation of sorts, since the war with Negan is still on the horizon. Gabriel casually accepts the "blame" for Rosita still being alive and asks her what she's going to do with her life now. "Everything is possible until your heart stops beating".

It's clear, as Rick and Michonne are leaving the fairgrounds with their loot, that their new reality is taking a toll on them. As Rosita discovered in her sulking, guns aren't something that can just be found littering the ground. We've been shown that Rosita is desperate to kill Negan to the point that she'd be willing to die for the chance. The bulk of Sasha's screen time this season has been about keeping Maggie safe, and she obviously can't do that if she dies.

Eugene (Josh McDermitt) was the focus of the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Read if you want to know more. While they didn't have much luck finding guns, they had no problem finding places to be romantic. Norman does tend to come up to me and say, 'Dude why are you so clean?' Its a dream time for Rick who is on a sexy bold road trip he never wants to end.

Tonight may be an especially important episode given what it looks as though we're going to be exploring on paper. In a odd twist, he inadvertently gives her the hope she needs to go after Negan herself, finally forging an overdue alliance with Sasha.

Tonight's new episode of The Walking Dead entitled "Say Yes" is coming up shortly, and with Yvette Nicole Brown on Talking Dead tonight, there's an very bad lot to look forward to!

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead episode "Say Yes". "It was a hard first half for all of the actors because we're all used to this core group being together and fighting together and dying together", he commented.